JWT Authentication in Angular 11 – Token based Authentication tutorial with example

JSON Web Token (JWT) are digitally signed JSON payloads and token based stateless authentication mechanism.
A JWT consists of three parts that are: The Header, Payload and the Signature. Both the header and the payload store data in the JSON format, which is Base64-encoded, while The signature is created using the Base 64 encoding of the header and the payload.
JWT is usually used in HTTP Authorization headers and temporary replacement for the username/password combination!

Angular Dependency Injection – Resolution modifiers – @Self or @Optional @Host?

Resolution modifiers : Angular dependency injection resolution mechanism of the service starts from component and stops either when a service is found or NUllInjector is reached. This is the default resolution and it can be changed using Resolution Modifier. Resolution modifiers fall into three categories. @Optional()@Self()@SkipSelf()@Host() @Optional()¬†allows Angular to consider a service you inject to …

Angular Dependency Injection – Resolution modifiers – @Self or @Optional @Host? Read More »

Error handling in Angular 11 – HttpClient and Interceptor

angular error interceptor | handling errors in Angular, Angular has a global error handling class called errorHandler that is used for handling errors that arise while making an HTTP request. It basically intercepts all the errors that happen in application.

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